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You have a well thought business plan, you have your user interfaces and you want to quickly develop your mobile application on Android and iOS to be the first on your market. So you turn to a freelance developer that you find on one of the many existing platforms.

First you have to ask him his technical choices, indeed to test your market you decided to go directly on Android and iOS. So you wonder if you should turn to a freelance mobile developer?

The advantages of taking a freelance developer

  • It is available immediately
  • He works from home
  • He is a specialist in his field
  • His portfolio seems interesting

A freelance developer will refuse your job offer

If in your plans you thought you could hire him or her later, revise your judgment. What interests the freelancer, beyond his freedom, is to multiply experiences and challenges.

I need an ergonomist and a designer

It is always possible to bring together several freelancers with different and supposedly complementary skills. However, it will be very hard for you to manage the availability of each one so that they work together with a common goal.

I have a plan of several updates for my mobile application

Will the developer and designer of the application be available to realize my new features?

I would like to entrust the project to another mobile developer after the first version

To do so, the developer will have to spend time documenting his work. It will also be necessary to make sure that the work respects a readable and well-thought-out code architecture. Without this, 99% of developers will refuse to take over the code. Of course, make sure that the developer gives you the complete source code and that it compiles correctly.

Is there an alternative to using a freelance mobile developer?

The advantages of a development agency

  • They have a team
  • They have all the specialties to make your project a success
  • They provide maintenance in case of problems
  • They ensure the follow-up of the application over time.
  • There is a requirement for quality and documentation
  • They know how to manage the emergency

Team also means speed and agility

A team of experts ready to intervene on your project can only be a better choice to make it a success. Collective intelligence no longer needs to be proven, together we go further. An agency will also have experiences that are certainly more important and more complex. Nevertheless, be careful with agencies that outsource development skills, they will have difficulty in responding to your problems since they act as an intermediary between you and the service provider.

Don't stop at the MDR (Average Daily Rate)

A freelancer can offer you a daily rate of 400€ compared to 600€ for an agency. If the agency takes 3 days to develop the function when the freelancer takes 5, the agency will have been cheaper.

Design my application

By using the experience of an agency and its various experts, you will most certainly have the opportunity to save money. Indeed, they follow the best technical, design and ergonomic practices specific to Android or iOS. <a href="">An agency will advise you from the conception stage during a sprint design where you will be able to work hand in hand with a team.

Making the right technical choices

You will have to choose the right language and in particular choose between hybrid or native development. Again, an agency will be able to give you good advice and guide you towards the best choice.

Conclusion, freelance mobile developer or agency ?

Choosing a provider to develop your mobile application is a real headache. Get involved as much as possible whether it is to choose the provider or the choice of language. Look for the different existing technologies and ask why your interlocutor prefers such a choice.

Of course, there is no miracle technical solution (it would be too simple), but it is essential to know why your provider advises you this one.

Your application belongs to you, success will come by surrounding you with the right people.

Gautier from Apparence

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