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Augmented reality is now accessible on more and more phones (without necessarily using a headset). Whether for entertainment or professional applications, augmented reality brings new and unexplored possibilities. Be careful not to confuse augmented reality and virtual reality.

Augmented reality is a calculation technique that allows to embed 3D or 2D elements in a real environment.

Virtual reality is the realization of a totally fictitious environment. This term is used a lot in order to create an immersion experience (3D glasses allowing to give the impression of being inside the environment).

Applications of distance calculations in augmented reality

The first applications of augmented reality are distance calculation applications. Indeed, with a relatively good accuracy we can calculate the size of an object and thus a surface with this technique.

Applications related to the building trade are constantly emerging. Very practical for a painter in order to estimate for example the surface to be painted, and thus the quantity of paint to order to make a part.

Augmented reality navigation applications

This is one of the most common uses as well. To be able to show the way in the camera of your Android or IOS phone, to indicate information about a place, a product...

Augmented reality marketing applications

This is nothing new, being able to realize what an object gives in its own environment is much better than all the speeches. One of the first to understand this: IKEA.

Their application allows you to place furniture from their catalog directly as if it were at home.

ARCORE for Android, ARKIT for IOS

Augmented reality is available on Android and IOS and is constantly improving. Google and Apple are currently waging a war to be the best on the market. Augmented reality being quite complex to manage, there is no really competitive independent player (apart from Vuforia which seems to get out of it).

Our phones do not only use the data from the camera to calculate the distances traveled, the problem for Google today remains the integration into various phone architectures not built by Google. We have personally noted a lot of differences in accuracy between a Pixel 3 and phones (as excellent as they are) such as One Plus 6, or other Samsung ... On this field Apple is much better, since they master the construction of all their peripherals.

The development of an augmented reality application is not the same on Android as IOS, you will have to develop your application first on one platform and then on the other.

Also think that you will have to hire a 3D graphic designer to create your models that will come to life in your virtual experience.

Gautier from Apparence

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