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Referencing on the Play Store, more commonly known as ASO (App Store Optimization) will allow you to make your Android application visible to your audience. Otherwise, your app will be drowned in an ocean of applications or will not be visible for the right terms. The Play Store works a bit like Google search, nothing is left to chance and there are a lot of factors to take into account. 

As the Play Store is different from the Apple Store, we will only deal here with optimizations for your Android app.

So how do we do it?

Let's get started.

Study your competition

This does not mean that we should do the same thing. Look at your competitors' product sheets in detail and look for the important keywords they use. On the Play Store it is very important that your keywords are repeated between 2 and 5 times.

Study the title, the description and the category carefully.

Evernote, the famous note-taking application has a very optimized form. Look at the number of times the word note is written, it is even present in the name of their application. 

What are people looking for when they download your Android app ?

That's the first question you should ask yourself next, you'll need to optimize your Play Store card so that the keywords they type make your app stand out. 

Already a bit of common sense, an Excel sheet and here we go. Type examples of searches from the least complex to the most complex.

Indeed, you can't get into the top 10 directly, you'll have to gain users first, and a good way to do this is to try to reference yourself on searches that are rarer but that will ensure you gain users.

There are many tools to find the best keywords:

As with any tool, we can only advise you to learn by yourself before using them. These tools are not magic, and your common sense is often quite powerful at first.

Increase the traffic on your application's Play Store page

Once your keywords are well targeted, your file well written ... you will start to be proposed to users. The more people will click on your application, the more the Play Store will offer your application to more and more people.

Choose the best icon, that's the most important point to make people click on your app. At that point the icon of your app is its showcase. Ask a graphic designer to create several concepts for you, propose them to your community, your employees, your friends... Choose one that people want to click on. 

Some applications play the card of curiosity, others of beautiful drawings or simplicity.

Then comes the ratio of installations per visit, the higher the ratio, the more the Play Store will offer your application at the top of the search results.

The rating of your application is of course very important, it is VERY important to ask your users to rate your application. Take good care of your application to get the best score, it is rare that you install an application with an average of less than 3... 

Also choose the right time to ask them to rate your app in the Play Store. Indeed, too many apps ask for a feedback as soon as they open.

It's like being asked for your opinion in a restaurant before you've even started eating...

Boost the launch and every update

The first hours of your application are crucial, indeed an application downloaded / installed in the first 24 hours will multiply tenfold it's referencing. It is the same at each update, it is strongly advised to try to bring a maximum of traffic at these times.

Publish a promotional video

Applications with video are much more likely to be installed. Indeed, on the Play Store there would be 30% more conversions for applications with video.

Making a good application video is an art, try to polish it as much as possible before publishing it. You can use it to promote your application on social networks. 

Twitter and Facebook offer dedicated advertising services for apps (only show advertising to people with Android for the Play Store). This is a great way to test the attractiveness of your application but also to boost it. 

Test different promotion formats and choose the best one(s).

We leave nothing to chance!

Observation phase

Once your Play Store form is well optimized, observe all the statistics :

  • Rate of clicks on your form
  • Number of installations
  • User Notes
  • Conversion rate to facilities
  • Dismantlement rate

Try to observe at least 2 weeks before making a conclusion of improvements.

You can now go back to step one to try to improve your record. 

Obviously if your score is too low, think about improving your application in the sense of the criticisms your users can bring in their reviews.

Gautier from Apparence

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