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Yukti: soccer training sessions created in pencil and displayed on smartphone

With Yukti by iskn, the Grenoble-based company AMI (ex iskn) offers professional and amateur soccer educators and coaches the opportunity to create their training sessions on paper and pencil, and to find them on PC and smartphone ! The app has already won over several professional clubs. Yukti is the result of a collaboration with Apparence.

Testimony of Jean-Luc Vallejo, CEO of AMI 

How does the manual sketch of a workout become a digitized file available on PC and smartphone ?

Jean-Luc Vallejo: AMI was born in 2014 around a technology called "augmented interaction" and a flagship product, a digital slate, which digitizes drawings, notes, sketches, etc. in real time. This is made possible by a magnetic ring attached to the pencil: its movements are evaluated in real time with sub-millimeter precision. In the case of Yukti, the educator places a sheet of paper representing a soccer field on Repaper (the new digital slate by iskn). Then he draws his session: offensive or defensive phase, placement of the players, mode of ball circulation .... A digital copy is then created on PC and mobile in real time.

What progress do you bring to coaches, educators, trainers, etc.?

JLV: We respect their practice, which is to design their training sessions on paper, while eliminating the disadvantages of this medium. A digital file is not afraid of rain, does not get lost, is not forgotten in a locker room, is not lost in a pile of documents. It is always within a click's reach, so it can be reused to prepare new sessions. Moreover, with Yukti, we plan these sessions on a calendar and evaluate them in terms of physical load (moderate or strong). The educator saves time and visibility on the sequence and coherence of his program.

Why did you entrust the Yukti project to Apparence ?

JLV: I was convinced by their references, and they took up a big challenge: to develop a desktop and mobile application in a very short time and with a limited budget. They only had two months to work: the French Football Federation had agreed to receive us very quickly for a demonstration.

What instructions did you give them for the UX/UI design ?

JLV: Maximum simplicity. There are already applications dedicated to training sessions, but they rely on the wow effect: sophisticated graphics, 3D players, etc. It's beautiful but little used because it's too far removed from the soccer culture, more paper than digital. On the contrary, our goal was to offer a practical and pleasant tool to use, so that coaches can quickly get to grips with it. From our first proof of concept, Apparence has created a streamlined interface, very operational but aesthetically pleasing, which is easy to navigate. Colors are used sparingly and wisely: for example, green for low load sessions and orange for more intense sessions. The coach can immediately see whether the work required of the players is well-balanced and well planned in relation to the match schedule.

Where were the difficulties on the app's code ?

JLV: The main one was to seamlessly integrate our smart slate with a PC or a Mac, as well as with an Android or iOS smartphone. Several technologies coexist, but the app works smoothly, accesses information and knows how to transmit it from one device to another. In addition, Yukti remains simple enough to evolve easily and be translated, as we sell worldwide.

What might these product evolutions look like ?

JLV: Yukti can be extended to other team sports. For example, we are interested in handball, rugby and basketball. The fields, the approach and the formalism of the sessions are different, but the coaches' needs to remain the same: keep the paper they are attached to, but better structure, better share, better plan the sessions over a season and capitalize from one season to the next.

David from Apparence

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